BD 26/26 Walk-Behind


Large walk-behind unit suited for grocery stores, large retail facilities, schools, industrial facilities and hospitals 26” cleaning path 26 gallon solution tank 28 gallon recovery tank Simple operator interface Whisper Quiet 67 dB Tight turni…

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Tornado’s new BD 26/26 walk-behind scrubber offers world class scrubbing, a wide cleaning path and large capacity solution and recovery tanks. This unit is perfect for use in grocery stores, retail facilities, hospitals, and warehouses. The BD 26/26 lays down cleaning solution, scrubs, then vacuums away dirty solution, leaving floors clean and dry in just one pass, even around 180 degree turns. Clean over 32,300 square feet per hour while increasing your building’s occupant health and safety. Rigorously tested in the field, the BD 26/26 walk-behind scrubber is constructed with a tough rotomold polyethylene body, ensuring years of maximum performance and reliability. Service down-time is significantly reduced with its wide-open clam shell design for fast and easy access to tanks, batteries and motor. For application flexibility and easy maintenance, there are no tools required when changing disc brushes. When it comes to longevity, Tornado’s BD 26/26 walk-behind scrubber will outlast the competition, and comes standard with a 10 year warranty on the body and tanks for years of hassle-free use and reliability.

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Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 29 × 47 in