Headmaster S-7000


Multi stage H.E.P.A. level filtration system Powerful 2.1 HP module Steel Tip-and-pour carrier frame Unit employs a multi stage H.E.P.A. level filtration system Plastic liners can also be added for self bagging of debris…

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When it comes to wet/dry recovery, the job doesn’t always stop when the spill is recovered and the tank emptied. In health care and other applications, sanitation of the tank can be critical. An 18-gallon stainless steel tank is just one of several features that make the Headmaster® S-7000 the perfect choice in meeting this challenge. From a strong 2.1 power module to a tip-and-pour tank for convenient debris disposal, the S-7000 is engineered with features for the rigorous demands of everyday use. The unit comes standard with an impact sponge motor filter, wet filter, and dry filter. The sponge filter is a fail-safe filter for both wet and dry recovery. Among the unit’s many professional features include a filter for wet applications that recognizes that solids are often encountered during wet recovery. The dry filter fits over the float cage frame for dry-only recovery applications. The S-7000 includes a built-in manometer filter gauge that tells the operator that the dry filter needs to be cleaned. The unit can also be fitted with an optional hospital motor impact filter for health care applications.

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 30 × 37 in