Taskforce 1700 Trot-Mop


Optional Trot-Mop™ Squeegee Availabel in 17s Stackable Simultaneous wet and dry recovery Compact, value priced and durable Sound reducing housing allows operation where noise is an issue…

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Packed with many built-in features, these units are compact, value priced and durable. Both the Taskforce® 1200 and 1700 feature two rear mounted anti slip wheels with front casters and are built to be stackable to accommodate small broom or utility closet restrictions. The Taskforce® vacuums will handle simultaneous wet and dry recovery without the need to change filters. The powerful vacuum motor has been thoughtfully designed into a sound reducing housing to allow operation where noise is an issue. These units have become popular with schools, health care facilities, offices and the rental industry where it’s smart features and quiet operation excel. The Taskforce® 1700 is a 17-gallon unit that can also be ordered with a front mounted squeegee assembly. The machines come complete with hose and standard contractor style tool set. Disposable paper collection bags (90701) and reusable cloth filter bag (19816) lead the list of optional items to tailor the machine to your particular environment.

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 22 × 30 in