SilentMaster Vacuum

Engineered to Please and Perform in Any Home

SilentMaster Highlights

SilentMaster Central Vacuum
    • Ultra Quiet Sound Suppression

  • Excellent Power and Longevity
  • Extra Large 12-Gallon Capacity
  • Less Filtration Maintenance
  • More Sustained Suction
  • Industry Best Warranty
  • Utility Valve Hose Connection

Silent Master’s dual-motor units boast high levels of suction and airflow simultaneously which sustains powerful cleaning throughout the system. This higher level of performance is coupled with longevity as the two motors can operate at lower RPM as compared to single motor models.

Models ranging from 495 to 900 air watts provide deep cleaning power for any home. Silent Master’s 3-stage Hyperflow® microfiltration has over 1500 in² of surface area and holds 12 gallons of vacuumed debr